Why Choose Us?

Top 10 reasons to choose Blue Ketchup BBQ for your special event

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  1. Meticulous pre-event planning on- and off-site, so there are no surprises on BBQ day.
  2. Besides the serving team, grilling experts and chefs, every event has a Blue Ketchup liaison on-site dedicated to trouble-shooting any situations or questions that may inevitably arise.
  3. Delicious food grilled on-site.
  4. Locally-sourced food whenever possible to support Fraser Valley farmers.
  5. Flexible, imaginative menus cater to all appetites and menu requirements.
  6. We plan for minimum waste and maximum recycling to make our BBQs as friendly to the environment as they are to your guests.
  7. We’re fast! We feed fresh, hot food to thousands of people in under an hour.
  8. Backed by the management of the Pacific Coast Catering Group, our proven experience ensures that your BBQ will be a smash hit.
  9. You bring the guests with their appetites; we bring everything else.
  10. We are dedicated to the proposition that barbecues should be hassle-free and FUN!


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