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New clients often ask us what we do with the leftovers and other waste that inevitably accumulate at the end of any event. It can be summed up in just three words: recycle, re-use, biodegrade.

Less than five percent of our waste becomes garbage. Any leftover food that is still safe to eat, according to FOODSAFE guidelines, is distributed to a food mission in the Downtown Eastside. Or, if it is still packaged, to a food redistribution centre.

All paper, glass, metal and plastic waste is collected for recycling, while refundable pop and juice containers are held for collection by charitable groups, such as the Vancouver Food Bank.

Anything that may be safely cleaned – such as plates, other tableware and metal flatware – is thoroughly cleaned and re-used.

We also plan all events carefully to minimize waste and make sure all fruit and vegetable waste from events and from our kitchens ends up as compost.

And, we support BC’s food producers by sourcing our fresh ingredients locally, whenever possible.

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