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While our support for local communities includes sustainable practices and local food sourcing, it does not end there. We support a number of local charities, both through cash donations and contributions of food items.

We also believe it is important to reach out to the world. So, for several years, we have been sponsoring underprivileged children in other countries, helping them to obtain healthy food, safe drinking water and educations to provide for their futures.

Some of the organizations we have supported and continue to support include:

- Union Gospel Mission
- World Vision
- Dalit Freedom Network
- Quest Outreach
- King George Secondary School workplace experience program


Anything that may be safely cleaned – such as plates, other tableware and metal flatware – is thoroughly cleaned and re-used.

We also plan all events carefully to minimize waste and make sure all fruit and vegetable waste from events and from our kitchens ends up as compost.

And, we support BC’s food producers by sourcing our fresh ingredients locally, whenever possible.

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